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Arizona Medical Marijuana Law/Dispensary Licensing

Are you an individual or business with a legal issue pertaining to dispensaries or medical marijuana? The Arizona laws around medical marijuana consumption and dispensary licensing can be confusing. Get your medical marijuana based business off the ground the right way with legal help from an attorney who understands the full complexities of the matter. Learn how the Law Office of Alane M. Ortega, PLLC can assist you with legal needs regarding cannabis sale or consumption.
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Civil Litigation

Civil litigation is a vast area of law that covers numerous non-criminal legal proceedings. Typically, the goal of litigation is to hold offending parties accountable for something they did or did not do. If the plaintiff wins the case, the defendant may be required to pay damages or perform a specific act, such as transferring legal title or agreeing to halt production of a particular product. If you require civil representation, it is in your best interest to work with a proactive lawyer who possesses a diverse understanding of the legal profession. You will find exactly that when you reach out to the esteemed Law Office of Alane M. Ortega, PLLC.
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Criminal Defense/ Forfeiture

If you are facing criminal charges in the state of Arizona, or if you are involved in a forfeiture case, you need a trustworthy attorney on your side. Alane Ortega has been practicing law in Arizona for eight years, and she can help you fight for your rights.
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Divorce, Child Custody, and Child Support

A trusted family lawyer known for her compassionate counsel, Alane M. Ortega is a great resource to turn to in the midst of both amicable and contentious divorces. She will assist you through the intricacies of the legal proceedings that surround child custody, child support, and several other legal matters. During this difficult time, you can place your trust in the Law Office of Alane M. Ortega, PLLC.
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Parents/ Grandparents Rights (DCS Defense)

The Arizona Department of Child Safety (DCS) has an obligation to investigate any claims of child neglect, abandonment or reports of a child being injured perhaps at the hands of a parent. Oftentimes, parents will return home from work and find a card on their door asking them to be in contact with a caseworker. These notices should never be ignored as it can send the wrong message to DCS, but it is important that you contact an attorney to find out what your rights are.
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